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Ormidale House
Ormidale House
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The house was originally built in 1693, by the then Duke of Argyll. It has been through various incarnations since, and the building has changed over the years. Since the turn of the century before last, it has stood more or less as it stands now, with a major restyling and renovation of the North West wing undertaken under famous Scottish architect Sir Robert Lorimer completed in 1910.

Although apparently only ever owned by four families, including the Campbells, it has paid its way in a few different ways. The house was used as a shooting lodge in the early 1900's, was a hotel for a bit, and was most recently was an adventure and management training centre before it became what it is under the current ownership of John Davies at the start of this century. The Mill House and Old Barn were commissioned in 2006 and completed in 2008 / 2009, along with the swimming pool. The Garden Cottage was added to the stable in 2011.

The main house originally had approximately another 13 bedrooms that extended out over Ormidale Cottage. The house was reduced in size due to 'window tax'. Despite the beauty and age and historical significance of the house, the only listed part is the Sundial in the grounds (see if you can find it!) which attracts a "C" listing from Historic Scotland. This means we can't knock it down, turn it into a car-park, or convert it into a theme park without their permission. Nor can we have it double glazed. The stone sundial is a tall square pedestal with a stepped base with many gnomons and much ornament. It was first erected at Otterferry (Ballimore) by Rev. John Campbell before being moved to the grounds of Ormidale by Colonel Burnley Campbell, husband of Margaret Campbell of Ormidale, when he sold Ballimore in 1897.


Ormidale House
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