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Holiday Accommodation for up to 75 in the Four Luxury Houses on Historic Argyll Estate

Our most recent renovation, the Garden Cottage is available to book alongside any of the other houses if you need extra space, if a ground floor wheel chair compatible layout is required for any party member, or just as a lovely wee cottage for two people to holiday in on their own. The ultra-flexible layout gives space for accommodation of “2 plus 7” in caravan or motorhome style, with alcove and fold down beds accounting for most of those...

Refurbished during 2010 to provide overflow accommodation for parties taking any of the other Ormidale houses, it sits in the same courtyard as The Mill House and the Old Barn. It is a lovely old stone cottage with a slate roof. The waxed oak floor throughout gives a warmth and a touch of authenticity; the bathroom is travertine tiled in a wet-room style and is the same finish and look as the rest of the estate.

It is a luxurious and spacious two person cottage – regularly used as bridal or honeymoon suite - but you can squeeze a bigger party in.  We have used the space to try and create as much flexibility as possible in the accommodation provided.   With one proper bedroom sleeping three, plus convertible sitting room and two additional box-style bunk spaces (one off the bed-sitting room, and one just opposite the bathroom) you can accommodate 8 or 9 guests if you are happy all squeezing in on top of each other.
Maximum adult occupancy would usually be set at 4.

The shower-room sits in between the triple bedroom and the sitting room, with a bunk area opposite it.  A second, screened off, double alcove bed lies off the sitting room, which also features a kitchen / dining area.

The whole space is on the same ground floor level, and is designed to be as accessible as possible for people of limited mobility. Positioned just 5 metres from the Mill House and fewer than 10 from the Old Barn, the Garden Cottage works well as additional accommodation for either property, or for Ormidale House.   It can also be booked independently, though it should be noted that the property does come without any real designated private garden space, and the Wifi reception is better outside than inside the Cottage itself as there is no dedicated router for the wee Cottage and you are picking up signal from our other houses or from your mobile network .   It’s the best we can do, but we know it can be patchy (and we know some people rely on streaming for work – this is not the place for you!)    There’s acres of estate space to explore and enjoy and we are creating a wee terrace seating area with a pretty river view, but there’s no significant private, sheltered garden space.  We don’t have regular swimming pool timetabled for you in the Garden Cottage, but we will always find you an hour or two per day.

Prices for 2022, short-break rental in italic followed by weekly rental.   If only required for two people, we will occasionally be able to discount.

Garden Cottage for 2 plus 6 children in 2 bedroom – only usually available as overflow in addition to a larger house

Low £450 £650
Mid £550  £750
Shoulder £650 £850
High £750 £950


Ormidale House
By Glendaruel - Argyll - PA22 3AF
Tel.: 01505 872515 or 07765 007798
Email: info@ormidalehouse.com

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